Peter Ewart, Canadian Artist

At some time in a true artist's life-perhaps as a child--the awareness dawns of the wonderful power of a fine painting and how it can be achieved, in the hands of a talented or insightful person, with mere tubes of colour and a brush.Ewart's paintings now represent a view of a time in Canadian history that is passing or is past. In coming years this sensitive record will stand as a reminder and a tribute to the West-- its character and spirit.

The subtle and masterful way in which Ewart's subjects are treated carries well his view and appreciation of the scenic grandeur of the Rockies, the subtle colours in the sage-covered hills of the B.C. Interior, first light, moonlight, homesteads and cowboys, the old buildings of the Cariboo, the strength and surge of Canada's coastal waters east and west, the excitement and nostalgia that grew in him when he looked upon the lasting and changing architecture of the cities in which he lived and worked and travelled, and his intimate affinity for woods and streams and skies and fields... He would be so gratified to know that his art has touched the senses of others, as its subjects have his own.